One-way ticket


If someone had told me one year ago that I will live in Switzerland, I would have said that he needs his head examined. Neutral country in Europe, with a good chocolate and even better watches. The place where you would seek asylum in a case of a war. This is how I would describe Switzerland some time ago. Why on earth would I live here? Leaving Poland after graduation seemed to be more than obvious to me, but I would rather make plans for moving to sunny Italy than anywhere else. And when I already was in Tuscany for my internship, something happened. I fell in love. And my love lives in Basel. So after few months, without worrying about not speaking German (nor French), or about finding a job there, I bought a one-way ticket, packed my suitcase  and flew to Basel.

After five months in Basel I still feel like a newbie, but I think that with every day I belong here more. I’m exploring the beauty of Switzerland and especially the beauty of Basel. I’m getting to know the Swiss lifestyle.


And here I am. Pole in Switzerland. Girl in Basel.

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