Kaltbrunnen Valley Hike

The Autumn season arrived in Basel and that made me crave nature even more than usually.  I decided to find an easy route, close to Basel and no more than 3 hours walking. Kaltbrunnen Valley seemed like the perfect destination.

We started at Basel SBB, taking the S3 line to Laufen. We got off at Grellingen, a small town 16 minutes away from Basel and from there followed the sign to Chaltbrunnen.

After a few minutes walking, before entering the forest we saw Wappenfelsen im Chessiloch.  The murals on the rocks were created by Swiss soldiers during World War I and are considered one of Switzerland’s most important military cultural monuments.

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And as we kept walking, we felt more and more relaxed.  The sound of the forest, the scent of the trees, the sunlight playing through the leaves… were all giving us some sense of comfort.

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The route has many picnic spots that make it a perfect trail for a family walk. It might not be as picturesque as the Swiss alps, but if you want to escape the busy city life or just spend time in the nature after Sunday brunch- IT’S PERFECT.  The tour leads through three cantons (Basel Stadt, Basel Land, Solothurn) and provides a nice walking trail along the two beautiful rivers – Birs and Ibach.

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We’ve done 10km in 2,5 hours and finished our tour in the small village of Meltingen, where you can spot adorable goats and the cutest self-service pumpkin shop I’ve ever seen. (I guess you can see my excitement on the photo. And yes- I brought one of the pumpkins home with me!).

After our pumpkin shopping we took a bus to Laufen, where we took the train back to Basel. We were back home within an hour feeling  full of energy and vitality after such relaxing visit to the forest. So, when are you going there?

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