Boat trip on Lake Lucerne

This was quite spontaneous, definitely not the kind of trip you have on your bucket list or planned carefully weeks in advance.

I wanted to meet up with a friend from Zurich and we were searching for a destination that would be within one hour train ride from both of us. We decided on a city-trip to Lucerne and to make it a little bit more adventurous- we enriched it with a boat cruise to Vitznau. What a great decision that was!!!

We got tickets at the dock after arriving in Lucerne, where we had some extra time before our boat departed. We stopped for a petit dejeuner at the cute cafe right by the ticket office. (I forgot the name!). The beautiful views made it worth stopping by for a cup of delicious coffee!


Cosy cafe with delicious coffee and a lake view

The boat departs from Pier 1 once an hour (you can find the exact timetable here). For me, the cruise itself was an amazing experience. We sat outside so we could enjoy the view and the autumn sun. The weather was just perfect and if you get the chance, organize this trip on a sunny day. For all the foodies, some of the boats on the Lake Lucerne offer culinary experiences and I think it’s also a nice experience to have lunch or dinner while enjoying the views on the clear blue water and its mountain backdrop.


Atmosphere on the boat

Well, it was quite windy there and it was nearly impossible to take a great shot haha

We chose to go to Vitznau, as the village offers a breathtaking view on the lake and it’s also a great starting point for hiking adventures (also – Europe’s oldest mountain railway to Mt. Rigi departs from Vitznau – still on my bucket list!). We spent one hour in Vitznau, had a stroll in the village and then sat by the lake and enjoyed the sun a bit more, before we decided to go back to Lucerne.

The old station that brings in mind old novels and Thomas Cook’s Tours

Vitznau looks like a storybook town!


View on the Vitznauerhof on the way back to Lucerne

And now… Lucerne. It’s one of my favourite Swiss cities and everytime when people ask me where to go in Switzerland I always recommend it. I just love it there. From all the Swiss towns this one makes you feel like you’re living your fairy tale dreams. This city really has it all: the Alps, lake views, interesting history and “old world” vibes. It’s really nice to walk through the narrow streets, watch the uniquely painted buildings, browse the shops or sit for a drink at one of the restaurants by the river.

My adventure company and a view on the Chapel Bridge


Late lunch at the famous Rathaus Brauerei (to all the beer snobs – you’ll love it!)


Well, food makes me happy 😛

Summing up the trip – the essence of Switzerland in one day. Idyllic village, mountain views and a lake cruise finished up with a beautiful city and some local beer. Totally recommend!

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