Magical time at Confiserie Schiesser

Confiserie Schiesser is one of my favourite places in Basel and actually one of the first gems I discovered right after moving to Switzerland.

It is just so charming. Once you’re there you feel the history trapped inside the walls and you just get the surreal feeling that time has stood still. And you just sit there, in their gorgeous salon, decorated in the old way, enjoy the sweet, handmade pastries and observe busy life on the Marktplatz, with the red Rathaus and colorful roofs above.

The Schiesser’s history dates back to 1870s and really carries the historic prestige to the modern day. This Basel’s oldest tea room is always full of tourists and locals, enjoying wide selection of beautiful pastries, chocolates and even breakfast and lunch savouries.

It was one of these cold, rainy mornings in Basel, when the sun seemed to be far away and the sky was painted grey. We decided to warm up a bit and brighten our day with a visit at Confiserie Schiesser. After finding the table with a view, we chose the classics: hot chocolate and Schwarzwälder Kirchtorte (Black Forrest Cake – a chocolate sponge cake with whipped cream and cherries). I can’t describe how good it was, so just have a look at the pictures!

It is a perfect place for a sweet date with our beloved ones (what’s better than some cosy time with hot chocolate and people-watching when it’s cold outside). I also find it a great spot to show visitors and I always take my guests there. It feels like the best choice and you can feel the essence of Basel, with the excellent chocolate and beautiful architecture right outside the window.



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