What I crossed off my Swiss bucket list in 2019

It’s been the most busy year personally for me so far – we moved places, supervised construction works, got a puppy and I got a bump (still expecting :)). Many other things happened inbetween, but I managed to cross-off all the places and things I wanted to do from my Swiss bucket list and I thought I’d share the TOP 10 from this year, so maybe some of you get inspired for the upcoming 2020.

Flew in a balloon above the Alps

That was definitely one of the highest positions in my “Swiss ranking”. It was also my childhood dream and doing it in such a magical setting (flying above snow-kissed Alps on a sunny day) was just an experience beyond words. I wrote a full blog post on that  – Festival des Ballons – Chateau d’Oex – in case it’s something you’d love to do too :).



Had fondue in Gruyères

Gruyères is definitely one of the most postcard-pretty towns I’ve visited in Switzerland. It has it all: views on the mountains, beautiful castle, chalet-like restaurants and interesting museums. It’s famous for cheese, meringues with double cream and chocolate. I wanted to come there since moving to Switzerland, so having fondue  in one of the Alpine restaurants made it to my bucket list. Link to the post and restaurants we visited is HERE.


Went to see the Basler Morgenstreich

It was my fourth Basler Fasnacht and first time I actually got to attend the Morgenstreich. The experience is one of a kind – Basel Carnival is part of the city’s identity and the beginning of it is rather spectacular – all the lights go off at 4 am and the city centre turns into a sea of illuminated, hand-painted lanterns with thousands of costumed people walking down the streets. I really had goosebumps when the city got dark. Worth getting up at 3:00 :)! The next Carnival is happening on the 2-4 of March 2020 and if you’re planning to visit Basel – you should add it to your to-do list.

Visited Valle Verzasca

Ticino is a magical part of Switzerland and Valle Verzasca was actually the first of all the places I ever pinned on Pinterest – it looked like a dream on the photos, and let me tell you one thing – when we already visited – it didn’t dissapoint. One of the most beautiful Swiss destinations I’ve visited and I would love to go back there for a swim.

Run in Dreiländerlauf

My personal goal – three countries half-marathon – Switzerland, France and Germany. So many emotions and tears on the finish line, but I made it! Will try to do it in 2020 as well – anybody’s joining? 😀

Hiked the Swiss Path

“Weg der Schweiz” is, as legend has it, where three men (from Uri, Schwyz and Unterwalden) swore an oath to the Swiss Confederation. It felt super idyllic to wander in the birthplace of the country. The views were really breathtaking – turquoise waters of Lake Lucerne, beautiful green meadows, cows on the pastures and mountains in the background. I wrote about this hike here: Wandering in the birthplace of Switzerland – the Swiss Path.


Went to the top of Brienzer Rothorn

The most epic steam train ride + the magnificent views on the Brienzersee surrounded by the mountains of Central Switzerland and Bernese Oberland.

Experienced the Gstaad Züglete

Gstaad Züglete is a local tradition totally worth seeing!  Every year, by the end of the summer, local farmers lead down their cows from the mountains through the village of Gstaad. So happy we finally got to be a part of this event and saw these pretty cows parading through the main promenade.


Saw the Matterhorn’s golden tip

Getting to see the sunrise in the mountains was a pure magic. I think that watching Matterhorn turning golden was one of the most beautiful moments on my Swiss journey so far. Here’s a link to the post on my Zermatt getaway: My Guide to Five Lakes Hike of Zermatt.


Rode in a horse sleigh in the Winter Wonderland

The most romantic experience ever – horse sleigh ride to snow-covered Lauenensee. We passed through mystic forrests, snugged up in warm sheepskins and enjoyed the unspoiled nature with clip-clopping sounds of the horses’ hooves. Crossing it off my bucket list right before Christmas felt like Santa came earlier.
Info on where to book it is here.  Info on other winter activities in Gstaad region: Winter activities in Gstaad.


My Swiss Bucket List is still full of “to-do” things. Will definitely continue on the adventures in 2021. I’m also thinking of sharing the entire list, would you guys want to see it?

Happy New Year!!!

One thought on “What I crossed off my Swiss bucket list in 2019

  1. Londynka says:

    Mega gratuluję wszystkiego ale w szczególności Półmaratonu! Mega wyzwanie w dodatku przez trzy państwa – kiedy się odbywa, to może zdążę się przygotować 😉 /właśnie przeprowadzam się do Bazylei.
    Serdecznie pozdrawiam!


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