Morning routine with Lubex anti-age

What a perfect morning consists of to me: crisp white linen I wake up in, windows open to let fresh air in, my little family around me, coffee made by my personal barista plus a breakfast- for me and for my skin.

With the years passing by, I became more aware of what is important to my skin and also what I should or should not use on it. I have a lot of cosmetics in my bathroom that I use every now and then – masks, peelings, serums – but there’s one, which I consider my holy trinity and which I use daily – these Lubex Anti-Age products.

1. Lubex anti-age® hyaluron 4 types Serum

As a rule, serum should be the first products that touches the skin after cleansing – in order to get the best results. The Lubex anti-age serum hydrates the skin, replenishes its moisture reserves and acts as an antioxidant – protecting the skin against aging – it makes the perfect product to apply as a base, that’s why it quickly became my favourite. I gently massage it on my face and let it absorb for a minute or two, before I continue with my routine.

2. Lubex anti-age® day classic

The moisturizers seal serums (see point 1), which can make them more effective – that’s why I apply the treatment post-serum (and layering is key to a good skin routine).
This treatment is amazing for dry to normal skin. It tightens the skin through collagen production, smoothens expression lines and provides lasting hydration. If I stay at home – I use the version without SPF, but the day classic also comes in two version with sun protection, SPF 10 and 30. I use the second one when I plan to go out.

3. Lubex anti-age® hydration oil
black orchid

I love facial oils and if you have been following me for awhile now, you know I am a huge fan of this one. It not only contributes to the prevention of wrinkles, but also calms and regenerates the skin while keeping the skin elastic. I use it in the morning and in the evening.
In the morning, I apply it before the treatment and if I plan to wear make up, I mix a drop of oil with foundation for extra hydration. In the evening – my routine is a little bit more advanced – I warm up a few drops in my hands and gently press it into my skin, just a few minutes before using the night treatment.

Why is Lubex anti-age worth the hype?

  • the quality – the treatments are developed in collaboration with leading Swiss dermatologists – all the products have the greatest efficacy, good tolerability and pleasant textures;
  • the effectiveness – the anti-aging effect on the skin has been proven in clinical studies carried out by dermatologists;
  • the convenience – the airless dispenser with a pump that guarantees ideal dosing and complete emptying;
  • cruelty free – the complete avoidance of animal experiments – in development as well as testing;
  • great for sensitive skin – free of preservatives, allergenic perfumes, color additives and paraffin oil.

And a little bit about the brand:

Lubex anti-age is an innovative skincare line created by Permamed – one of Switzerland’s leading pharmaceutical companies in the field of dermatology. It’s a family run business, started in 1979 by Christian Lutz – still being the company’s CEO today. I had a pleasure of meeting him and learning what’s behind the brand: a true passion for dermatology and science. The company’s HQ is in Therwil, near Basel – there all their concepts are developed and products created.

Where to find Lubex anti-age products?

The products are available online and in Swiss pharmacies, where trained experts can help you in selecting the ideal active treatment for your specific skin type.

Linking the store finder HERE.

This post was written and published in a collaboration with Lubex anti-age. All opinions are authentically my own.

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